Meet the Farmers

Anna Williams


Anna grew up on her mother's dairy farm in Truxton, NY.  She graduated from SUNY Morrisville with a degree in Dairy Management. 

She wants to keep the family farm alive and plans on taking it over from her mother and father.  She is very interested in diversifying the farm in order to compete in an ever evolving agriculture industry.

Bridgette Ullrich


Bridgette started her own dairy farm, Ullrich Farms, in Central New York.  She studied Biology at SUNY Albany.

She works with her husband and eldest daughter, Anna, running her 40 cow organic farm.  She is the proud mother of three.

Cathy Berry

Cathy Berry, a grain farmer from Wisconsin smiles during her interview.

Cathy grew up with her siblings on their parent's dairy farm.  After selling the cows, her dad started a grain farm.  Cathy is now taking over their 4500 acre corn and soybean operation in Curtiss, WI.  Like Anna, she too wants to keep the family farm running.

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Woman farmer stands in wheat field.

More farmers coming soon!